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sanctuary in Siem Reap

There are plenty of hotels in Siem Reap. More than I was expecting, from the five star ridiculously over priced to the budget hostel accommodation. The Santa Clara Hotel is a hidden gem that is easy on the purse, and a haven to come home to. Originally I was looking at a hotel that was slightly cheaper, but it was booked out. What a stroke of luck! This was second on my list, and if I ever get back there, it will be first on my list.

Lynn Cummings has been volunteering in Cambodia for years. From her very first day Lynn fell in love with Siem Reap (as did I) and wanted to contribute more. A run down guest house on the Siem Reap river was transformed into a boutique hotel, and Santa Clara was born.

There are only 13 rooms, and they are spacious, comfortable and have an understated luxury about them. One of the best night's sleep I have ever had!

And the pool. OMG the pool! It is such oasis and a welcome escape from the humidity. As soon as you relax on a lounger (towels and hats provided of course) a member of the ever attentive team will bring you ice cold water before you can do so much as lift a finger.

The reception staff can handle anything you throw their way. Restaurant reservations, transport bookings, tour guides - you name it, they take care of it. Nothing is too much trouble, and it is all done with a smile.

Sadly my stay there was short and sweet, but I am determined there will be a next time.

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