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Pumphouse Point, a taste of Tassie

Tasmania was a state I had neglected for far too long, and with a four day weekend looming I decided it was time to do something about it. A new hotel had caught my attention, and before I knew it I found myself smack bang in the middle of the Apple Isle in Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park.

Surreal is a word that is often over-used, sometimes with no thought to its true meaning. Yet if asked to sum up Pumphouse Point in one word, it would have to be that one. If you are after destination accommodation that is like a Cinderella story, then this is the place for you. No glass slipper required.

There are definitely shades of a fable in this lady of the lake. After decades of neglect a fairy godmother (in the shape of a developer and architect with vision) has waved her magic wand and transformed this beauty into one of the most stylish hotels in the land.

In many ways though she is still dressed in rags. There is peeling paint to be seen on the outside of both buildings and bright green moss clings with determination to parts of the jetty. The character of the place remains intact.

At 250m long the jetty is your gateway to the Pumphouse and once through the doors you are greeted by one of the communal lounges - a vista like no other, comfy chairs, blankets and books, and a cosy fire. After this warm welcome we could not wait to view our suite which, along with three others, was also on the ground floor. Eight more suites are situated on the next two floors.

My inner princess was immediately at home and I could live happily ever after in one of those rooms. That could of course have something to do with the fact that it had a fully stocked larder complete with two fridges full of local wine and gourmet produce. And with one phone call to reception they will deliver freshly baked bread to your room. A foodie’s heaven.

The rooms are stylish with local timber a huge feature, although not the main one. The main feature is that view, and it’s up to you whether you want to take it in from your lounge or the bed. Even our shower had a view out to Lake St Clair. Our bathroom whilst not huge was industrial glamour with black glossy tiles and copper piping. Oh - and a heated floor – quite the novelty when you are from a tropical climate!

After a quick bike ride to explore, it was time to visit the Shorehouse back on the banks of the lake and where dinner and breakfast are served. This building houses the other six suites, but I have to say my money is on the Pumphouse, and if you are ever lucky enough to stay here, aim for that. You will fall asleep feeling as though you are suspended over the lake and floating in a sea of mist: what a magical way to spend the night.

If you fancy some time away savouring nature, rejoicing in the wilderness and then retreating to understated luxury, Pumphouse Point is the place. BYO Prince Charming.

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